2020 Workshops/Presentations

Featured here, find a list of this year’s presentations & workshops. This page will continually be updated as new presentations are approved, then added. The list will feature topics, speaker name(s), company affiliation, and the ability to sort by and / or days being offered, so be sure to check back often!

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TOSHA Consultation Overview

Garrett Rea, TN Department of Labor & Workforce Development - TOSHA

Where can a small business owner go for safety and health assistance with no out of pocket costs? Every state and most territories offers a confidential consultation program separate form OSHA enforcement which helps identify hazards and improve workplace safety. This session hosted by TOSHA Consultative Services discusses the functions of OSHA’s onsite consultative program.

Offered on:
Wednesday at 8:00am

Industrial Hygiene Matters: Strategies for Assessing Exposures to Hazardous Substances

Leo Old, Ensafe

This presentation will address strategies for exposure assessments, selection of most appropriate exposure limits, interpretation of sampling results, and case studies involving engineering controls.

Offered on:
Wednesday at 8:00am

A Proactive Response to an Active Shooter

Ken Alexandrow, AGAPE Tactical, LLC

Your organization has unique security needs that render the national standard of Run, Hide, Fight philosophy ineffective. Participants will learn how to perform a customized Security Vulnerability Assessment for their organization to create a safe environment for customers and employees.

Offered on:
Wednesday at 8:00am

TOSHA Update

Wendy Fisher, TN Department of Labor & Workforce Development - TOSHA

Wendy Fisher, TOSHA Assistant Commissioner, will lead a panel of TOSHA Managers who will provide information on recent activities and the status of forthcoming changes in the regulations, standards and procedures.

Offered on:
Wednesday at 9:15am

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