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In case you missed it…Presentations from this year’s conference!

Presentations from the 2023 TN Safety and Health Conference will be found here. Check back in the coming days as they are uploaded.  If “View Presentation (PDF)” is listed at the end of the workshop description, that indicates the presentation was provided to us and you will be able to view it by clicking on the link.


{ Wednesday }

The Value of Certification: The Occupational Safety & Health Pro

Jacqueline S. Handy, BCSP

This presentation explores the value of professional occupational safety certification, including the benefits to credential holders, salaries, employers, professionalism, and accreditation. The discussion also helps participants navigate towards the certifications that suit their professional goals, while emphasizing how these credentials can cultivate a robust safety culture within an organization.
Learning Objectives
• Recognize the significance and advantages of obtaining professional certifications.
• Navigate through the process of selecting suitable BCSP certification.

Offered on:
Wednesday at 8:00am

Going Beyond the ANSI Standards for Personal Protective Equipment

Matt Block, Magid Glove & Safety Mfg. Co. LLC

As new technology in PPE emerges, protecting employees has become easier but also more complicated. Session will discuss how the composition of products can make a drastic difference in performance.

Offered on:
Wednesday at 8:00am

Personal Connected Safety

Mark Heckathorn, Blackline Safety

We will discuss how the digital transformation and connected safety is transforming the workplace to become safer, more efficient and actually contribute to the bottom line. We will look at Industry Trends, levers that will and are driving the digital transformation, and how connected devices are making this possible. We will also discuss the value and ROI of having a connected worker initiative.

Offered on:
Wednesday at 8:00am

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Best Practices for Workers' Comp Claims

Jeff Francis, Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation

How you treat your injured employees helps define your workplace culture. And your workplace culture dramatically impacts the outcomes of work-related injuries, the healing time of injured workers and their likelihood of their returning to work.

Offered on:
Wednesday at 8:00am

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TOSHA Update

Wendylee Fisher, Department of Labor & Workforce Development - TOSHA

Wendylee Fisher and the TOSHA Managers will provide information on recent state activities and the status of any upcoming or proposed changes in regulations.

Offered on:
Wednesday at 9:15am

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