2019 Presentations/Workshops Offered

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Building Fall Protection Systems

Josh Hughes, Hughes Engineering, LLC

We will discuss the updated Walking Working Surfaces Regulations for fall protection including the impacts to individuals and building owners/managers. The class will cover general fall protection for building maintenance.

Offered on:
Wednesday at 8:00am

Effects of Marijuana Legalization on Drug Testing

Kelsey Unland, Insurance Group of America

Marijuana laws are changing at a rapid pace across all 50 states. This presentation covers not only the importance of developing a drug free workplace, but how to implement it effectively in the current legal environment.

Offered on:
Wednesday at 8:00am

Creating Meaning in Safety Training

Mark French, TSD Amalgamated

As safety trainers, we have many limitation on educating employees. New research suggests that there are ways we can make the most of the time we spend in lecture training.

Offered on:
Wednesday at 8:00am

TOSHA Consultation Overview

Garrett Rea, Tennessee OSHA

Where can a small business owner go for safety and health assistance with no out of pocket costs? Every state and most territories offers a confidential consultation program separate form OSHA enforcement which helps identify hazards and improve workplace safety. This session hosted by TOSHA Consultative Services discusses the functions of OSHA’s onsite consultative program.

Offered on:
Wednesday at 8:00am

TOSHA Fatalities

Steve Hawkins, Deputy Commissioner, TN Dept. Labor & Workforce Dev.,

This presentation will focus on the root cause of workplace fatalities investigated by TOSHA during 2018. A review of citations issued will also be presented.

Offered on:
Wednesday at 9:15am

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