2020 Workshops/Presentations

Featured here, find a list of this year’s presentations & workshops. This page will continually be updated as new presentations are approved, then added. The list will feature topics, speaker name(s), company affiliation, and the ability to sort by and / or days being offered, so be sure to check back often!

Monday, Tuesday. Choose links to sort by day.


Best Practices from VPP Sites

Dave Blessman, TN Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development - TOSHA

This workshop features presentations from two current Volunteer STAR sites, outlining best safety and health practices at their sites.

Offered on:
Monday at 10:30am

What'cha Gonna Do When OSHA Comes For You?

Donna Renee Robitaille, Sabel Steel

The presentation will present…
1. how to respond to an OSHA complaint or visit;
2. the importance to understand the purpose; and
3. how to have a game plan.

Offered on:
Monday at 3:00pm

It's Just a Warehouse; What could go wrong?

Jonathan Briley, Pfizer Inc

“It’s just a warehouse” is a misconception that leads to complacency thereby increasing the number and severity of injuries and costs. Learn to recognize and address common gaps in areas such as PIVs, ergonomics and more….

Offered on:
Tuesday at 11:00am

You Can’t Bubble Wrap the World

Danny Smith, SafeStart(R)

Traditional safety controls are effective in reducing injuries. Unfortunately most worker injuries occur outside of the workplace – where risks aren’t as controlled. Teaching 24/7 skills is more effective than bubble-wrap.

Offered on:
Tuesday at 11:00am

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