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New Attendee Session

David Johnson & Taryn Thomas, TSHC Board Members

New to the Tennessee Safety and Health Conference? If so, this presentation is for you!  This session will cover what to expect during the event and will be beneficial to your overall conference experience.  Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and make great connections that can be valuable throughout the conference.

Offered on:
Monday at 9:30am

10-HR General Industry Safety and Health Course - (2-Day Session)

Bryan Lane, University of Tennessee

Provides instruction on general industry safety and health hazards including walking/working surfaces; exits, fire; hazcom, and electrical. Participants who complete the course receive an OSHA 10-Hour General Industry card.

Offered on:
Monday at 10:00am
Tuesday at 8:00am

Mental Health in Construction

Peter Church, JE Dunn Construction

Discussion will revolve around the mental health of construction workers, struggles associated with workers in this industry, the industry’s high suicide rates with emphasis on suicide awareness and prevention.

Offered on:
Monday at 10:30am

Safeguarding Work at Height - Engineered Fall Protection - What You Should Know

Todd Sharp, Safeguard US Inc.

What you need to know to determine the engineered fall protection solution that is best for your workforce. From a passive solution like guardrails to an active fall protection solution such as overhead horizontal lifelines you can keep your workers safe and productive.

Offered on:
Monday at 10:30am

Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Mental Health

Kim Deason, Martin Supply

Noise Induced Hearing Loss is not your grandpa’s hearing loss. See the difference between hearing loss and NIHL and the negative impact it has on our mental health and daily life.

Offered on:
Monday at 10:30am

How to Conduct an Accident Investigation

Steve Hawkins, FDRsafety, LLC

This presentation will cover the steps to be followed when conducting an accident/incident investigation, including identifying root causes, weighing evidence gathered, and interviewing techniques.

Offered on:
Monday at 10:30am

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) and Return To Work Ability

Dan Headrick, STAR Physical Therapy

Return to Work Ability determination through the use of Functional Capacity Evaluations will be discussed. The latest evidence regarding the utilization of FCEs and comparison of FCE testing to medical evaluations for work ability determinations will be reviewed. Objectives of the presentation include:
1) Difference between a Fir for Duty Exam and FCE
2) Indications for a FCE and, or a FCE
3) Challenges of FCEs
4) Challenges of Determining Work Ability
5) ADA and EEOC Considerations in Work Ability Testing

Offered on:
Monday at 10:30am

Safety: The Gateway to Engagement

Mark French, Dalkia US, EDF Group

Safety is so much more than preventing harm to our teams. Using a psychological foundation and risk reduction practices, we will focus on protecting our team through engagement.

Offered on:
Monday at 1:00pm

How to Conduct a Self Audit of your Safety Program

Lee Fortier, Fortier Loss Control Consultants, Inc.

This program will assist attendees with the information needed to audit your safety program and identify shortcomings.

Offered on:
Monday at 1:00pm

Creating an Effective Training Team

Joe Hernandez, Volunteer State Community College

Death by PowerPoint, a tale as old as training itself. This presentation will show you how to train effectively without relying on a slideshow, perform confidently and make training fun.

Offered on:
Monday at 1:00pm

Increased DC Systems and Related Safety Issues

Tommy Northcott, Jacobs / Technology Group

Over 100 years ago George Westinghouse, with the help of Nicola Tesla, beat out Thomas Edison in the “War of the Currents” making alternating current (AC) the primary source of electrical energy. However, DC systems have always been utilized and are seeing an increased presence with the rise of solar systems, electric vehicles, and several other technological advances. These larger capacity systems bring with them some unique safety concerns.

Our best protection from any hazard is knowledge. Employers of electrical workers will gain an understanding of primary NFPA 70E and OSHA requirements for working on or around large DC systems. There is no reason for any electrical worker to be injured by a DC electrical hazard.

Offered on:
Monday at 1:00pm

Revolutionizing Safety Planning with the Power of AI: Transforming Job Hazard Analyses, Enhancing Conversations, Planning, Leadership, and Culture Evolution

Barry Nelson, FactorLab

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how AI is transforming daily safety planning. We will explore how AI can equip you with the right tools to take your organization’s safety practices to the next level and bring more people home safe.

Offered on:
Monday at 1:00pm

Workplace Fatalities Investigated by TOSHA

Wendylee Fisher, TN Department of Labor & Workforce Development - TOSHA

This presentation will consist of photos and discussion surrounding the workplace fatalities that were investigated by TN OSHA during calendar year 2022.

Offered on:
Monday at 3:00pm

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