2020 Workshops/Presentations

Featured here, find a list of this year’s presentations & workshops. This page will continually be updated as new presentations are approved, then added. The list will feature topics, speaker name(s), company affiliation, and the ability to sort by and / or days being offered, so be sure to check back often!

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Hearing Conservation Program Pitfalls

Dr. Michael Tigges, KSA Occupational Services

Understanding OSHA’s standards of a hearing conservation program and the pitfalls or common mistakes made by employers can save time, money and legal battles.

Offered on:
Tuesday at 10:00am

TOSHA Special Emphasis Programs

Tabitha Thompson, Jeff Campbell, Sherry Roland, David Thomas, TN Department of Labor & Workforce Development - TOSHA

An explanation and review of the major prevention efforts TOSHA is currently focusing on in the areas of amputation, carbon monoxide, falls, food flavoring containing Diacetyl, hexavalent chromium, lead, noise, microwave processing, dental offices, recordkeeping, combustible dust, and trenching and excavation.

Offered on:
Tuesday at 10:00am

Thermal Hazards-What to Wear: Adopt PPE Program and NFPA Standard Best Practices to Mitigate Risk and Improve Safety Culture”

Scott Francis, Westex by Milliken

Learn about short duration thermal hazards, such as arc flash, flash fire, molten metal splash and the appropriate PPE/clothing to wear to match these hazards. PPE Culture: Will task based PPE consistently be worn? Improve safety culture and alleviate FR/AR PPE confusion with the latest NFPA and PPE best practices to keep at risk workers safe.

Offered on:
Tuesday at 11:00am

It's Just a Warehouse; What could go wrong?

Jonathan Briley, Pfizer Inc

“It’s just a warehouse” is a misconception that leads to complacency thereby increasing the number and severity of injuries and costs. Learn to recognize and address common gaps in areas such as PIVs, ergonomics and more….

Offered on:
Tuesday at 11:00am

You Can’t Bubble Wrap the World

Danny Smith, SafeStart(R)

Traditional safety controls are effective in reducing injuries. Unfortunately most worker injuries occur outside of the workplace – where risks aren’t as controlled. Teaching 24/7 skills is more effective than bubble-wrap.

Offered on:
Tuesday at 11:00am

Basic Fire Prevention and Protection Methods

Jere Wright, The Marvin Companies

This presentation covers basic information on the different fire hazards in the workplace and their causes, control measures, different suppression systems, requirements for training, and inspections.

Offered on:
Tuesday at 2:00pm

Contractor Screening, Selection and Risk Control

Jeff Marksberry, TVTC

The world has changed.

Contractor qualification, screening and selection programs have evolved.

Managers of these programs must be well versed in all available program components and risk transfer processes.

Offered on:
Tuesday at 2:00pm

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Recipe for an Arc-Flash Disaster

Charles Miller, Charles R. Miller Electrical Education and Training

What ingredients are in the recipe for making an arc-flash disaster? This informative workshop addresses electrical safety as well as arc-flash and shock prevention through essential provisions in NFPA 70E.

Offered on:
Tuesday at 2:00pm

Workplace Fatalities Investigated by TOSHA

Wendy Fisher, TN Department of Labor & Workforce Development - TOSHA

This presentation will focus on the root cause of workplace fatalities investigated by TOSHA during 2019.  A review of citations issued will also be presented.

Offered on:
Tuesday at 3:00pm

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