2021 Workshops/Presentations

Featured here, find a list of this year’s presentations & workshops. This page will continually be updated as new presentations are approved, then added. The list will feature topics, speaker name(s), company affiliation, and the ability to sort by and / or days being offered, so be sure to check back often!

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Safety and Health Programs: Positives and Pitfalls

Garrett Rea, TN OSHA

This session hosted by TOSHA Consultative Services discusses what elements are in a successful Safety and Health program.   While OSHA has documented and revised the key elements of an effective Safety and Health program for over four decades, what do these elements look like when successfully implemented and functioning?  Additionally, this session will discuss what factors can undermine a successful Safety and Health program throughout its development and implementation.

Offered on:
Friday at 8:00am

Is 911 your Industries Rescue Team?

Dustin Housewright, Eastman Chemical Company

Participants will gain a better understanding of what rescue teams’ capabilities and interactions with the industry should look like according to OSHA. Topics include regulatory minimum and industry best practices.

Offered on:
Friday at 8:00am

TOSHA Update

Wendylee Fisher, Department of Labor & Workforce Development - TOSHA

Wendylee Fisher and the TOSHA Managers will provide information on recent state activities and the status of any upcoming or proposed changes in regulations.

Offered on:
Friday at 9:15am

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